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1. A Multidisciplinary and Comprehensive Chemistry Teaching/Learning for Next Generation

Nobuyoshi Koga*

2. Chemistry Education at Tertiary Levels

Bhinyo Panijpan*

3. Students as Digital Game Designers: Addressing the 21st Century Chemistry Education Needs in Malaysia

Kamisah Osman*

4. Application Task-Based Learning (TBL) in Developing the Critical Thinking Skill of Students at Nature Indicator Determination

Apep Nurdiyanto, Cucu Zenab S.*, dan Ratih Pitasari

5. Effectiveness of Module Based Problem Based Learning (PBL) Toward Student’s Achievement Motivation

Beta Wulan Febriana*,  Ashadi, M. Masykuri

6. Influence Of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) Approach From La main à la pâte (LAMAP) on Student Creativity and Communication Skill in Global Warming Subject

Asih Widi Wisudawati, M. Pd.*, Nasiatul Mubarokah

7. The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model of Type Numbered Heads Together (NHT) and Type Think Pair Share (TPS) against Results Study of Chemistry and Cooperation Skills

Luthfiatul Khusna, Jamil Suprihatiningrum, Supiana*, Kamisah Osman

8. Implementation of Character Education in Chemistry Learning

Krisna Merdekawati

9. Combined Multimedia and e-learning Media: Enhancing Conceptual Comprehension in Physical Chemistry Teaching

Is Fatimah

10. The Development of Encyclopedia as Chemistry Learning Source for Senior High School Students

 Irwanto*, Puspita, A.R., Prasetyo, Y.D.

11. Adsorption Organic Matter in Peat Water By Mass Variation of Kepok Banana Peel

Mahwar Qurbaniah*, Nurdianti Awaliyah

12. Using The Two-Tier Multiple Choice to Analyze Students’ Understanding In Atomic Structure of The Chemistry Subject Material

Lisa Ariyanti Pohan*, Ardiansyah

13. The Comparison of Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Model STAD and TGT toward Motivation and Achievement of Chemistry Learning on The Material of Rate Reaction in Grade XI SMAN 4 Yogyakarta on Academic Year of 2013/2014

Anggi Ristiyana Puspita Sari*, Irwanto

14. Integration of Local Wisdom into Web-based Chemistry Learning at First Grade of Senior High School to Improve Students’ Learning Discipline

Sulistiana Febriawati*, Jaslin Ikhsan

15. Utilization Effectiveness of Chemistry Instructional Media to improve Self Regulated Learning and Learning Outcomes of High School Students

Yogo Dwi Prasetyo*, Irwanto

16. Using Students’ Worksheet of Entrepreneurship-Oriented Small-Scale Chemical Industry to Increase the Entrepreneurial Interest of Students of SMK

Artina Diniaty*, Sri Atun

17. Laboratory Practice and its Contribution in Constructing Higher-Order Thinking Skills: A Case Study in Basic Chemistry Course

Chansyanah Diawati*

18. Analysis of Psychomotor Students Ability the Practicum Bioethanol from Banana Peel

Nurdianti Awaliyah*, Mahwar Qurbaniah, Daniel Eriko

19. Comparison of Learning Achievement Chemistry Using Guided Inquiry Learning Model and POE on Hydrolysis Salt Material

Widinda Normalia Arlianty*, Ashadi, Sri Mulyani

20. Research Methods Teaching of based Problem Solving Reviewed From Cognitive Ability and Critical Thinking Ability

Julia maulina*, Wilda Wani Siregar, Adilah Wardhani Lubis, Susilo Sudirman

21. Adsorption Reduction Study of Au 3+ Ions by Humic Acid Immobilized of Chitosan

Thorikul Huda*, Reni Banowati Istiningrum

22. The Instillation of 21 st Century Skills in Teaching and Learning Chemistry

Norhaslinda Abdul Samad*, Kamisah Osman

23. The Effectiveness of Learning Chemistry Based on WebQuest Model on Students Achievement

Safiah Abdul Raub*, Aziz Nordin, Kamisah Osman

24. Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solutions by Chitosan/Chitosan Beads

Yuli Rohyami*, Rohiman Ahmad Zulkipli, Aryanti Dewi Safitri,
Neira Wahyuningdyah Pratiwi, Rifa Atus Sholihah

25. Green Chemistry on Intermediate Product of Biolubricant Synthesis from Oleic Acid: A Review

Yehezkiel Steven Kurniawan*, Isna Munawaroh and Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih

26. Preparation and Applications of Clove Leaf Oil as Biopesticides Against of Lichenes on Stone Conservation at the Borobudur Conservation Body.

Riyanto*, Dyah Yekti Indrajati and Nahar Cahyandaru

27. Adsorption of Phenol by Mg/Al Hydrotalcite with Ratio Molar 3:1

Puji Kurniawati*, Bayu Wiyantoko, Tri Esti Purbaningtias, Arief Kharisma Hakim

28. The Effect of Electrolyte to Glucose Analysis using Electroanalytical Method by Platinum Wire Electrode.

Riyanto* and Haryoko Pangestu

29. Determination of Water Quality Parameters-Case Study Punduh and Blongkeng Rivers, Magelang

Wulan Dwi Utami*, Yuli Rohyami, Nurfidiastuti

30. Mesopore Modified Bagasse for Improving Patchouli Oil Quality

Bayu Wiyantoko*, Tri Esti Purbaningtias, Puji Kurniawati, Didik Prasetyoko, Suprapto

31. Silica-Based Material from Rice Husk and Their use on Methylene Blue Adsorption

Puji Kurniawati*, Arief Kharisma Hakim, Tri Esti Purbaningtias, Bayu Wiyantoko

32. Removal of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Solution using Rice Husk

Tri Esti Purbaningtias*, Bayu Wiyantoko, Puji Kurniawati, Yorfan Ruwindya

33. Air Pollution Modelling For Carbon Monoxide and Total Particle From Coal-Fired Power Plant Activity

Muhaimin*, Eko Sugiharto, Adhitasari Suratman

34. Study Of Adsorption Of Growth Regulators Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) Onto Natural Bentonite

Nura Lailatussoimah*, Pedy Artsanti, Irwan Nugraha and Muhaimin

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