Chemistry Education Study Program graduates work as Chemistry teachers, education consultants, tutors in tutoring agencies, and Chemistry entrepreneurs.

Chemistry Education Study Programgraduates work as Chemistry teachers, education consultants, tutors in tutoring agencies, and Chemistry entrepreneurs. About 84% of graduates work according to the Chemistry Education Study Programgraduate profile as presented in the following graph.



The UII Tracer Study is a survey of graduates in order to provide various useful information for the benefit of evaluating the results of the higher education process organized by UII. The Tracer Study aims to explore various information from alumni to be used for the purposes of evaluating UII and making improvements as well as guaranteeing the quality of UII as a higher education institution.

Tracer Study is also useful in providing important information regarding the relationship between higher education and the world of work, assessing the relevance of higher education to the industrial world, as well as providing information for stakeholders (Alumni, UII Academic Community, Industrial World, UII Students, Parents of Students , Prospective Students, etc.). Another important benefit is as a complete requirement and support for the UII Accreditation process, both National Accreditation and International Accreditation.

UII Career Center aims to develop the quality of human resources to make a competent, ready-to-use and competitive workforce. The UII Career Center aims to be a mediator between job seekers and companies/agencies/industry that are in need of workers. UII Career Center has two divisions, namely the Career Development Division and the Alumni Empowerment Division.




The UII Alumni Organization or better known as the UII Alumni Family Association is a gathering place for alumni of the Indonesian Islamic University Yogyakarta, between faculties and also across generations. The birth of the Alumni Family is also motivated by a strong urge to help each other among alumni, as well as a sense of responsibility for alumni to participate in fostering and building their alma mater. The current chairman of the DPP IKA UII is Dr. Syarifuddin, S.H., M.H. who is also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. While the Secretary General of the DPP IKA UII is Dr. Ari Yusuf Amir, S.H., M.H.

Chemistry Education Study Program
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