The Academic Guidebook is a guide that contains the Study Program, academic rules, and curriculum.
Students are expected to read it as well as possible to understand the outline of the whole learning process at the Chemistry Education Study Program. May this guidebook can be used as guidance in stepping into every learning process at the Chemistry Education Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Indonesian Islamic University.


(Schooling—PLP) is a field-type course for Chemistry Education Study Program (CESP) students to practice skills in preparing learning equipment and teaching in a real class. FLoS I and II on Chemistry Education Study Program are compulsory courses in the CESP with a load of 4 Semester Credit Units (SCU).


The Thesis Proposal is a compulsory subject with a seminar-type course and 2 SCU that must be completed by students before doing research for the Thesis. The Thesis is a student’s final project with a workload of 4 SCU which is the result of student research related to problems or issues in Chemistry education written in a scientific paper. The Guideline of writing thesis proposal and thesis was regulated in Guidebook of Proposal Thesis and Thesis.

Chemistry Education Study Program
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