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CESP graduates will get a Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd.) or Bachelor of Education after taking a minimum of 144 credits consisting of 138 credits of compulsory subjects and 6 credits of elective courses. This title based on regulation in Indonesia, i.e. Kepmenristekdikti No 257/M/KPT/2017 about Name of Study Program in Higer Education, Permenristekdikti Number 33, 2018 concerning Naming of Study Programs in Higher Education, Number 59, 2018 about Diplomas, Competency Certificate, Profession Certificate, Degree, and Procedures for Writing a Title in College. 

Graduates Profile



Play a role in teaching and educating chemistry subjects in schools and tutoring institutions

Researcher in Chemistry Education

Play a role in conducting research in the field of chemistry education such as approaches, strategies, models, methods, media, and evaluation of chemistry learning

Tutoring Manager

Play a role in managing tutoring

Teaching Material Developer

Play a role in developing chemistry teaching materials

Chemical Entrepreneur

Play a role in utilizing knowledge and skills in the field of chemistry in producing products and services in the field of chemistry for entrepreneurs

Chemistry Education Study Program
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